Minecraft 1.16.2 Snapshot 20w28a Custom Everything! Biomes, Structures, Caves & Sky Colors!


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    Minecraft 1.16.2 The Nether Update Videos â–ș seprom.info/build/PL7VmhWGNRxKixIX8tWEQn-BnYKE9AaAXk.html
    Minecraft 1.16.2 snapshot 20w28a makes changes to piglin bartering! It also gives us an insane amount of access to customising dimensions, biomes, structures, caves, sky colors and more!
    Minecraft 1.16.2 Snapshot 20w27a Piglin Brute - New Nether Mob!
    Minecraft 1.16 Sixteen Nether Update Myths [Minecraft Myth Busting 128]
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    00:00 Snapshot 20w28a
    00:24 Piglin Bartering Changes
    02:50 Other Tweaks & Changes
    05:17 Technical Changes
    05:57 Customized Biomes & World Generation
    09:35 Seeing Changes Ingame
    11:14 Bugfixes
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    1. xisumavoid

      Hope you enjoy this EPIC snapshot! Check out these 16 minecraft myths when your done watching :-) seprom.info/clone/video/xJtrX9Okd52g12w.html

      1. Robinjer06

        @Elan Wan you're* Welcome

      2. Robinjer06

        What about bedrock edition....?

      3. 50,000 subs with no videos

        @DrollerSteam 13 nobody in the history of history cares

      4. Hehh Ieuw

        xisumavoid noob

      5. kip seven

        Check out GeminiTay she is a Minecraft SEpromr

    2. Cartoon Gamer 2000

      Mojang: Adds water bottles to the bartering loot table Dream: Big Brain intensifies

    3. Robin Boers

      I am currently experimenting with custom dimensions. I completed the basics (the dimension, travelling to the dimensions and custom biomes), but I can't get the custom structures to work yet.

    4. Dog_The_Dog

      Boats can crash into icebergs?!?! Or did he build that himself?

    5. Nala Adicandra

      How did that ship get up there??

    6. eltiolavara9

      the bartering changes are so stupid wtf why nerf it??????? why??? it was such a good addition!!! i was so happy i could finally get ender pearls without grinding for hours :(

    7. Dan Heaton

      i can finally make a server with custom biomes!

    8. CosmicAxolotl

      Where I can get the vanilla worldgen datapack? I need it to learn how to do custom biomes

    9. leminiscence

      This is so exciting!

    10. Mandy Evans

      5:00 Why is the nether so red?

    11. Stonky

      "Mo-yang, 2:12" -xisuma

    12. Pedro Breyner


    13. NukeDragon

      amount and weight of ender pearls dropped. *sad dream noises*

    14. Armin Fekri

      Wait, level 2 fire resistance? whats the difference to level 1?

    15. Alivok Penayo Macchi

      its so annoying when you complain about the piglin farm

    16. Karankumar Mageswaran

      rip speedrunners... halved the amounts of ender pearls damn

    17. Maciej Adamczyk

      Gryczan? It's a Polish surname :p lol

    18. Crimium

      "custom sky colors" resource packs: . . .

    19. Michael Adames

      I love the idea of a new arrow farm

    20. Bernabe Kelvin

      It would be good if we could customize the biome it would be good if there was this update on mobile

    21. Bernabe Kelvin

      It would be good if we could customize the biome it would be good if there was this update on mobile

    22. Bernabe Kelvin

      It would be nice if there was this update on mobile

    23. JustAlex

      The spectrum arrow are such a difference for speedruninng Its so common

    24. Zane Daewoo

      "The community" Thanks sci-craft 😔

    25. bill neigh

      I wish Minecraft would have a toggle in the options menu to change gameplay from "basic" to "farmer" or something along those lines so players who don't build massive overpowered farms, such as piglin farms, could retain the ablility to use those features and players that don't like the grind could make it fair. I don't play minecraft to get overpowered and I would be rather unhappy if the adjusted piglins for farms. I would think "basic" would make drop rates and other statistics good for players who grind all resources legitamately (not that theres anything wrong with farms, just not my thing) and "farmer" would change rates so piglins and other mobs drop less so farms aren't so OP. I mean my names for the toggle are trash but you get the idea

    26. CREEPERgirl11 XD

      The piglin nerf is bad! Most people don’t make giant farms it’s only op to content creators!

    27. Sean Andrei L. Ison

      Im in 1.16.1 but i cant barter with piglins

    28. I am Cody

      I swear, if they don't add netherite horse armor then I'm going to confront the Minecraft team myself!

    29. Herr Predator

      How nice would it be if you could add new custom dimensions to Minecraft Maps. So you can still play your old Maps

    30. Henry Allis

      Please say the world editing will come to bedrock

    31. .hayden.

      Pretty cool how you had your skin purple in the iceberg biome but made it red in the nether. Just a nice little detail, I guess.

    32. Charuzu The Danklord

      custom blocks when?

    33. Wild Shiner

      Who complained trading was “overpowered”? Like get over it, its GOLD. Should hold atleast some kind of value Like no seriously fuck whoever bitched about it being “OP”. Its a game, let it be. Idk why a whole game revolves around the whiny bitching of a few dissatisfied players who feel like its unfair for multiplayer

    34. Jackson Disher

      I think that 1.17 will be the mountain update and that is why they are making it possible to change the build limit so in the mountains biome exclusively there will be a much higher build limit so there is taller mountains that are more impressive and look like actual mountains.

    35. oliveboy123

      does this mean that we can change the world height? I know personally, I would love to be able to change the build height

    36. Zhenya Tang

      What if a pigglin got in the end will it become zombiefied.

    37. never gonna give you up never gonna let you down

      There should be zombified piglin brute

    38. poor soviet farmer

      Idk if this means anything, but it's possible to get netherite things from a piglin it's probably incredibly rare, but I got a netherite hoe from bartering with one once with my friend. I have a clip of it on my xbox. I'll try and find it and pin it on my account. It might just be hoes or each item get exponentially rarer and a hoe is just the most 'common' one to get out of the rare drop Edit: ill add my xbox account when/if I i can find it

    39. Alex 5432

      You can make your world a lot more taller? Does it bugs somethings?

    40. William Fisher

      Does anybody know if you can use the custom biome on bedrock edition

    41. nf2m E

      why are they twitching?

    42. ImAEpicCoderGaming

      Wait I asked mojang to do this on their recommendation page... I asked to make a new gamemode where the minecraft world was different every time... it's not exactly the same but I wrote a similar concept.

    43. Ocawesome101

      Custom Aether datapack when? :D

    44. GhostlyRumor

      All I hear is, pseudo-aether modpack.

    45. Demented Duskull

      Wait, how the hell do Piglins give you water bottles? Is there water in the nether?

    46. Slifer Streaming

      I hope a custom volcano biome can be made, that'd be sweet. Imagine a world just made of volcanos, like mustafar, lol.

    47. cAllMeJerry

      Sneak peak :) 1.17=Cave update 6:27

    48. \-xX[STEVEN]Xx-/ /-xX[GOAT]Xx-\

      Spectral arrow doesn't exist in bedrock

    49. The Jupiter Jumper

      This video: Spectro arrows Me: the WHAT

    50. TheEmeraldWeegee

      will bedrock edition players be able to make custom dimensions with addons?

    51. Joshua Eaton

      If you dislike the video then you don't want a bad future

    52. M G

      can someone who is smart make a plains type biome with hills like a normal world where the sky is yellow and ground is warped nether wart block.

    53. Jhazzrun

      still wishing to some day get back the ability to fx increase the amount of ores spawning in a world. which is primarily what i used the old world gen files for. increase the chance for spawners and so on.

    54. Basic Egg

      how crying obsidian was made notch made a obsidian cry

    55. Basic Egg

      how crying obsidian was made notch made a obsidian cry

    56. Idkuhhhrrrff

      So I can make the Aether dimension..?

    57. Robert Gheta

      why do u say moyang instead of mojang? it grinds my gears

    58. TheSunnyBoyo

      Imagine a custom world. Based on a Minecraft Dungeons area. Seriously, A dimension but it's the Desert Temple or Obsidian Pinnacle.

    59. OzoneKK

      you have an entire fanart folder?

    60. Jared Blackburn

      Temperature and wetness (vanilla) for biomes determines the color of the grass and leaves, nothing else -- unless it was changed since I last looked hot and cold oceans are the same temperature.

    61. funi pirate

      Its not overpowered you're just a robot.

    62. fireball channel

      Mojang: you can add your own biomes. Me: ah yes, just add normal mod support already.

    63. Puyuan Zhang

      Is this the cave update?

    64. Proto

      Every copy o Minecraft is customized

    65. Daklol Gaming

      Wait losing more durability with thorns was a bug?

    66. A Waste Of Time

      Do you think they will add something like this in bedrock

      1. ăƒžă‚±ăƒ«Makell:

        I don't know

    67. djk629

      So it's an in direct form of world customization again, like we had pre-1.13? I wonder if there's a way to adjust world build height or able to build below elevation 0

    68. tnt man

      I want a Brut piglin

    69. That cool Little Duck

      Tell mojang to add the end update so there's a endstone valley, endsoil deltas, ender wastes, unwarped forest, uncrimson forest! like the soul sand valley nether wastes basalt deltas crimson forest and warped forest

      1. That cool Little Duck

        see what I did there?

    70. Alexey PG

      ĐĐ”Ń€ĐșĐžĐœ? ĐĄŃƒĐœĐŽŃƒĐș ĐœĐ”Ń€ĐșĐžĐœĐ°?

    71. Squishy

      When he's in the overworld, his strider skin is cold, and in the nether his skin is normal. I love the little details.

    72. General Sherman

      I’ve encountered Piglin brutes in bedrock but am currently unable to spawn them is anyone else facing this issue?

    73. DeLirIous RIOLU

      So this is the update my Xbox wont download

    74. IronBunky

      RFTools dimensions, anyone?

    75. Logan

      Bruh no one asking where the piglins got the water bottle

    76. VinĂ­cius Dias

      This really amazes me! I’m a total mods fanatic, I really love the idea of adding some different features to the game in a way that I can choose the ones I want to install and play with. And theses datapack update makes me real excited about what people can make of itz

    77. VinĂ­cius Dias

      On a April fools snapshot, they kind of showed us how far we now can go using this custom biomes feature. It’s pretty much like they are adding the possibilities for new dimensions like the Aether and all, that without the need of installing those laggy mods. I’ve tested those crazy dimensions myself, and my computer didn’t struggle as much as it does when trying to load those “other dimensions” mods

    78. T

      Fire charges, string, leather and enderpearls should be removed, as they are already renewably obtained within the nether. (unless they are catering to peaceful mode players which seems unlikely)

    79. Matthew Ziemba

      So, theoretically, you could replace normal structures with custom farms that you could just find throughout the world instead? Or add them as separate structures to be found even?

    80. NANCOK

      wasn't durability damage from thorns meant to do more damage than usual? If i remember correctly it got damaged depending on the amount of reflected damage

    81. Creepster6 Rebooted


    82. Niknut Nerd

      Why have I never watched Xisuma before? He combined my two loves, Programming and minecraft

    83. That_Guy

      Uhm to your vanillatweaks the oak door texture in the sides there’s no texture

    84. ren

      dude what about netherite hoes, because i got like 5 of them in one play of like 1 hoyr

    85. Michael Luis Gomez

      mojang could put cooldown on bartering like the cooldown when trading with villagers, right?

    86. Alicia 17

      I wish someone made a generator or tutorial for custom worlds so I could make them.

    87. Tom the Cat

      It’s cool because you can make a wasteland instantly, change the sky to black or dark red, mobs to never spawn, structures to never spawn nor trees, so you gatta really survive.

    88. Hehh Ieuw

      THIS ARE NOT 1.16.1 NOOB!!!!

    89. Kenan Kagan

      I like how your strider skin changes when you go from the overworld to bether

    90. Hafsaoui Aymen

      Wait... Water bottles in the nether How...

    91. ModiK


    92. Pecoliky

      noone gonna mention custom build height?

    93. Dream’s Left Shoe

      The title cut off “colors” from “sky colors” so I thought it said Sky Dimension.

    94. Geo Joubert

      Will you be able to increase the building height in this update?

    95. Ventouse Moustachue

      We can have higher build limit???

    96. AnizyArt

      I’m loving the strider skin more every episode! The beginning where you were in an iceberg biome and had the cold strider skin was cute :D

    97. eyal salminis

      Build the Earth can now come to 1.16 I'm so excited

    98. Blue Eye Woodworking

      Does that mean that we could get villages in swamps or jungles if we just allow villages to spawn? I know that the villages wouldn't be themed correctly but we would still see the 2 "hidden" types of villagers.

    99. loppol11

      is this it? is this the snapshot i've been waiting my whole life for? oh i am excited.

    100. Edson Gutierrez

      3:19 that’s a real pity